Cork ARC Cancer Support headquarters

Arc House Opening

The recent official opening of the Cork ARC Cancer Support Headquarters by An Taoiseach showcased the wonderful work our architectural and interiors teams did pre-Covid to help this critical charity achieve their aim to provide an extended headquarters in Wilton to meet the growing demand for Cancer support services in Cork and beyond.

The post-covid environment has now allowed the services to be provided in full allowing the centre to be used as it was designed and intended.

Externally, an elegant traditional façade demonstrates a carefully considered colour palette to soften and welcome visitors to what feels like a large residence. All the detail of the façade was picked up in subtle tones to give light and shade to the traditional details, including the traditional sash windows made new.

The anti-institutional feel was critical to every element of the design of this facility. The lobby feels like the hall of a large house, and the welcome room is designed to feel like a large living room, carefully disguising 6 individual seating areas that can be used by individual groups of visitors. The colour palette and acoustic treatment of these spaces carefully reinforces the sense of calm and discrete relaxed atmosphere.

Treatment and counselling rooms all follow the same theme to provide a relaxing homely feel, while providing fully functional treatment services. A large dividable group room allows gently filtered light and calm but resilient finishes to complement the collective meditation and other group therapies.

One of the favourite rooms for all is the teenage room, where a more rebellious colour palette and intimate retreat spaces allow kids and teenagers to find their own space for comfortable interaction with the Arc team.

We wish Catriona and her team all the best as they begin the important work of delivering critical cancer support services to the public.

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