Architect(ure)s Kerry Railway Gardens

Railway Gardens

South Link Road, Cork

The Railway Gardens development is a 17-storey, 118-apartment scheme built within the new Build to Rent guidelines. Situated close to the centre of Cork City, it will be one of several new towers being earmarked for construction in the coming years. Along with the accommodation designs, the proposed scheme makes provision for high quality landscaped communal open spaces; engaging with existing historic railway arches, cycle parking, and dedicated amenities and facilities specifically for residents which is characteristic of the build-to-rent model.

The upper and lower level courtyards of the Railway Gardens development are landscaped using a mixture of high quality surfaces and materials including grass, stone, and Corten steel. The site is uniquely placed to take advantage and encourage the use of the existing cycle and pedestrian routes to the city centre and public transport links. It is these connections that our designs propose to strengthen and significantly improve.