Kanturk Primary Care Centre

Project overview

The central key design aspect of the Kanturk PCC project was a careful urban master planning of a town centre to unlock the potential of the site, combining a clear strategy for carparking, access and landscaping to the neighbouring mart, shops, businesses and houses. The varying boundary conditions are reflected in the simple topology that adjusts to the differing scales, showcasing a strong presence to the street while simultaneously addressing the low scale of neighbouring properties. The development includes medical consulting, treatment, and GP rooms, a mental health facility, an ancillary healthcare professional services suits, along with landscaping works and the inclusion of 21 car parking spaces and one ambulance drop-off point.

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Kanturk Primary Care Centre


The team behind the project

Donal Murphy, MRIAI

B.Arch, PGDip. Arch

Ieva Kelleher


Patrick O Toole, MRIAI

B.Sc. Arch.Sc (Hons), B.Arch (Hons)

David Curran

B.Sc. Arch. Tech (Hons)

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